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Therapedic Monterrey Gentle Firm

Two Sided Flippable Mattress

The Two-Sided Mattress

Double the Comfort, Double the Value

As technology advances and trends change so does the mattress industry. While on your mattress shopping journey you will find that most mattresses are now Turn-Free – meaning you don’t need to flip it over. For those seeking more of a classic option yet with newer advanced technology – look no further. Our Innergy2 mattresses collection features all 2-sided mattress that are built the way they used to be – but better!

2-Sided, Flip-able, Reversible – anyway you toss it you have a mattress with extended comfort!
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Proven, high-quality mattress design with a sleep surface on BOTH sides.
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Provides long-lasting comfort, support and durability.
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Utilizes both sides of the innerspring and comfort layers, giving you more for your money.
Therapedic Monterrey Gentle Firm
Therapedic Monterrey Gentle Firm
Two Sided Flippable Mattress


Monterrey Gentle Firm

Two Sided Flippable Mattress

Therapedic Monterrey Plush
Therapedic Monterrey Extra Firm

See What's Inside the Mattress

A cool, contouring layer that allows heat to dissipate

Provides contouring comfort, support and pressure relief

Provides comfort, support and reduces pressure points in the targeted areas where you need it most

Durable and long-lasting design that remains stable and provides extra support

Alternating Coil Spring System
Increases durability and support with reduced motion transfer
TheraEdge™ Foam Encasement
Increases edge support and provides an improved sleeping surface
High Performance Gel Foam
Increases cooling comfort and durability
Performance Fabrics
Wicks away moisture which prevents odor and bacteria growth
Gel-Memory Foam
Provides cooling comfort, reduces pressure points and reduces frequent tossing and turning
Natural Latex
Provides superior comfort and pressure relief as a breathable material