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Therapedic Mattresses

Therapedic BackSense Austin Plush Mattress


Therapedic BackSense Innerspring

Austin Plush Mattress

Therapedic BackSense Innerspring

Austin Plush Mattress


See What's Inside the Mattress

Adds 18% more support at the shoulders, 13% more at the lumbar area, and 18% more at the hips areas, where the body needs it most

Durable and long-lasting design that remains stable and provides extra support

Adds durability you can count on year after year


Found in select models, our exclusive HourGlass™ feature increases support firmness by 18% at the shoulders and hips and 13% in the lumbar area.

Finding the right support is unique to you and your body. Within this collection you can find two options that provide the healthy balance of comfort and proper spinal alignment.

BackSense Contour Coil

This premium spring system is made with Active Support Technology® to provide 28% more surface coverage support. The heavy gauge coils alternate in direction to provide consistent firm support while instantly adjusting to your movements allowing your muscles to relax.


BackSense Luxury Encased Coil

The immediate comfort that you feel on this spring system is definitely something to experience. Each individual coil continuously flexes, conforms and supports your every curve while diminishing the motion transference across the sleep surface. This means durable, responsive support for you that won’t cause disturbance to your partner.

Ventilated Performance Edge™

The Superior Foam Encasement that provides incredible edge support also features our Ventilated Performance Edge™ for better airflow and breathability.